Motion Controlled Footwear: Crowdfunding

Motion Controlled Footwear are a technologically advanced, and innovative design of shoes for athletes that offer improved support while walking, jogging or running.

Motion controlled footwear is a simple yet sophisticated central rubber ball in the sole of the shoe delivers 360degrees of movement through rotation that delivers better support and 

maneuverability for an athlete. The patent pending design of the shoe improves acceleration for the wearer and reduces fatigue while delivering an all-round improved posture with

greater balance thus improving performance and reducing the risk of injury.

The shoe is made from advanced materials and the concept now needs to be prototyped before being taken into full production.  

The shoe has tremendous scope and considerable interest in developing and worn for athletes involved in grass and turf related sports. 

In 2014 Pharaoh Athletics received a guest appearance to appear on the popular show "Shark Tank" thus indicating that there is a good chance of success to get the shoe to market.

To take Motion Controlled Footwear to market, funding of $25,000 is required to finish prototyping with further funding required to take the shoe into production and eventually out to market.

Pharaoh Athletics has chosen to use a unique form of crowdfunding to raise the necessary funds and do so while creating and growing sustainable business.

Crowdfunding for prototype development.

Ever innovative, Pharaoh Athletics intend to use an online T-shirt and Apparel business to generate the required funding.

A range of high quality products have been specifically created as incentives for those wishing to support this project.

The products include t-shirts, hats, Hoodies and Tank Tops and all proceeds will go toward the $25,000 target.

All proceeds will help us reach our goal towards development of our first prototyped athletic footwear and full production line.

We are working effortlessly to produce a full range of products that will allow you to support the Pharaoh Athletics Crowdfunding Campaign in aid of the Motion Controlled Footwear. 

I'm sure you will agree motion controlled footwear is an outstanding and beneficial concept  for professional and non-professional athletes. We thank you for your interests and support; we look forward to announcing that the first production line will be coming soon.


Mosimo Jones

Inventor and Founder

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